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Policies and actions to address gender inequalities are widespread. Important contextual factors may propel or inhibit measures to promote gender equality. This paper explores relationships between organisational justice and equality interventions to better understand gaps between equality policies and practices using a comparative case study approach in a male-dominated sector.

Do employee perceptions of justice impact their attitudes towards company equality approaches and their out-group colleagues? This paper takes a quantitative position and finds that employees are more likely to support equality approaches when they deem the behaviours of their managers to be just.

We posit that, before equality can be realised in organisations, the majority of employees must perceive a base level of fairness. To understand how this can be achieved, a review of Organisational Justice is presented; a theoretical perspective which can explain how to encourage co-operation across the workforce.

PhD Thesis

The impact of employee perception of justice on employee attitudes towards company equality approaches.

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